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From Chris Adamson

Chris Adamson is an expert business intelligence practitioner and a recognized authority on dimensional design. He speaks and teaches worldwide, writes books about business intelligence, and provides BI services.

Chris works with customers in all industries to develop business intelligence strategies, identify and prioritize projects, design information architectures, and manage implementations. His customers have included Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and software tool vendors. 

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A Unique Philosophy

Chris’s goal is to make every customer self-sufficient, so that after he’s gone they won’t need to bring him back. (Though of course, they are always welcome to do so.)

Chris is pragmatic, not dogmatic. He does not recommend sweeping changes based on philosophical ideals. His role is to deliver business value, moving you from where you are to where you want to be in the most efficient manner possible.

Chris helps you achieve consensus. Chris works with executives, developers and users to achieve the broad support needed to move projects forward. He is an enthusiastic communicator and mediator. Chris strives to confront issues and resolve conflicts, rather than avoid them.


Leverage Chris's experience in program management to get your program on track with an actionable roadmap. Partner with Chris to develop business requirements for data marts, performance management, and business analytics. Put Chris's expertise to work developing your information architecture. Or simply consult with him for a few hours to solve a specific problem.  Learn more.

Education Services

An effective and dynamic teacher, Chris has taught the principles of BI, Analytics and Dimensional Modeling to thousands of students world-wide. He is faculty member at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), teaches at conference events and provides on-site education.

Books and Writing

Chris has penned numerous articles and books, and blogs about business intelligence.

Star Schema: The Complete Reference (ISBN: 978-0071744324) is his definitive reference to the principles of dimensional design. It provides a new and accessible perspective, organized around design concepts rather than vertical industries. It is infused with Chris’s unique philosophy of pragmatism, explaining the underlying reason behind best practices so that you can make informed decisions of your own. Architecture-neutral, Chris provides advice that can be put to use in any type of data warehouse, including those advocated by W.H. Inmon and Ralph Kimball.


Upcoming Events

Chris is scheduled to present at the following events.  Course enrollment is open to the general public.

These and other courses can also be brought to your site. Contact Chris for more info.