Chris Adamson will help you advance your modern BI and analytics programs.

Chris Adamson offers a spectrum of BI services, including program management, information architecture, and on-site education.

Working with Chris provides a powerful learning experience for your team, and Chris strives to ensure that his continued presence is not required once the project is complete.

For customers who do not require his full-time involvement, Chris also provides consultative services.

Program Management

Chris develops BI plans that are substantive and “fluff-free.” His planning services can be performed at the enterprise-level or within a specific subject area, as determined by your priorities.

Working with people from all parts of your business, Chris produces a prioritized roadmap that reflects your business and technical objectives.

Deliverables communicate to two key audiences in clear and understandable terms: system capability for the business audience and technical complexity for the IT audience.

In addition to prioritized project definitions, Chris can provide a detailed dimensional model which is mapped to source system data. This ensures you plan is achievable, and that individual implementations will be compatible.

Information Architecture

Chris follows the same approach whether developing an enterprise architecture or a subject-area solution, helping you deliver data marts that are powerful and effective. He engages executives, business users and technical personnel to define scope, identify requirements, design dimensional schemas and map them to source system data.

Chris also helps you identify resource requirements, and works with your software vendors and integrators to get the most out of your solution.

Modifying an existing system can be far more challenging than developing something from scratch. Chris approaches solution enhancement and package customization with his characteristic pragmatism, applying his expertise maximize business benefit in the least obtrusive manner possible.

Chris will help you set and manage scope, design enhancements, and organize the development activity so that things get done smoothly and efficiently.

Onsite Education

Chris Adamson teaches dimensional design at industry conferences, and offers on-site courses in partnership with The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). He is a dynamic and engaging presenter, and has taught dimensional design to thousands of students world-wide. Chris adapts his material to the skill level of your team.

Consultative Services

Chris offers consultative services for customers who do not need his full-time involvement. You can engage Chris for a design review. Or, focus his expertise on a specific design challenge, performance issue or other concern.

Program Management

  • Program Planning
  • Project Indentification and Prioritization
  • Project Scoping
  • Roadmap Development


  • Performance Management
  • Data Warehousing and OLAP
  • Business Analytics

INFORMATION Architecture

  • Data Architecture
  • Dimensional Design
  • Package Customization
  • Solution Enhancement

Onsite Education

  • Modern BI Services
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Big Data Modeling
  • TDWI Courses

Consultative Services

  • Design reviews
  • Specific modeling challenges